Tissue Viability and Moving and Handling

During my next couple of blogs I would like to look at tissue viability and moving and handling of people.   How they work can work together and what happens if they don’t. Before we can do this we need to look at what they are individually. (I will refer to people being cared for […]

Who Comes First in Moving & Handling-Staff or Patients?

Imagine that an otherwise healthy 80-year old man is admitted onto a medical ward in an NHS hospital for a severe chest infection. This man who walked into hospital on his own legs becomes bed bound and now needs assistance with changing his posture and repositioning in bed. A patient moving and handling assessment states […]

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Outsourcing Training

If you are an employer, training and development practitioner or a manager, you would be curious to know if the following statements are true or false. Now, I want you to write T (True) or F (False) beside each of the following statements:   The greatest asset in your organisation is your workforce A huge […]

3 Secrets to Keeping Your Training Service From Closure

‘‘Training is a luxury in a recession, we could save money by scrapping our in-house training service’’-Director, Board Member “Why do we need a training service anyway, what value do they add to the business?”–Service Manager “I don’t know why we keep going on these mandatory training courses; it’s just a tick box exercise”. – […]

One Thing You Must Know About Risk in an Ailing Economy

What you are about to read may upset what you have always accepted as the truth, without asking questions.   If you have a job in risk management, you would have heard the phrase ‘reasonable practicable’. This is the term that risk professionals use to describe the need to balance the resources (time, money and […]

How to Make Your Training Ergonomic – Part 1

These days, just about everything is sold in the name of ergonomics. You have heard about ergonomic seats, ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic car controls and ergonomic pillows; what about ergonomic training? Ergonomic training? Why should training be ergonomic? To answer your question, I have to answer another question first: what is ergonomics? In everyday language, ergonomics means […]