Can Men Carry Heavier Loads Than Women

As a Manual Handling Consultant, I often go by the HSC guidelines when advising delegates on safe handling of loads – whether from table or off the floor etc. So, who’s stronger – men or women?  Without giving it any thought “Men are physically stronger” is often the automatic answer although this may be true […]

Unsafe? Surely Not! But it really is!

Activities that involve lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and other related manoeuvres are an inevitable part of our daily lives; whether it be at work or even at home.  Mechanical aids can be used to replace our human effort but we find that sometimes we may still need to use our own strength. However, if not […]

Being a Moving & Handling Consultant

Hello again – if you are on this site for the first time today, check out my last blog Becoming A Moving & Handling Consultant. Started my first month here a Salveo January 2017 and spent the first month shadowing the lovely Wendy Attew, Senior Moving & Handling Consultant. As you may already know (if you […]

Becoming a Moving & Handling Consultant

If anyone had told me 12 years ago, that I would end up teaching, training or presenting in front of strangers I would have laughed. I was brought up in an Asian/Indian family which meant I had to do as I was told and become a dutiful wife to a husband that my parents would […]