Fire Safety Consultancy

Salveo Ltd and its sister companies have over 25 years experience of providing advice, information and training in all aspects of fire safety.

Salveo’s specialist Fire Safety Division aims to assist organisations meet their obligations in relation to fire safety legislation thereby raising fire safety awareness among managers, staff and indirectly the general public as a whole.

  • Competent Advice
    • Salveo has available a core of highly competent specialist Fire Safety Consultants who are able to provide a full range of fire safety services to offices, factories, residential properties, licenced premises, hotels, universities, schools and shops.
  • Policies and Guidance
    • Salveo has been producing Policies, Codes of Practice and Local Rules in consultation with employers for the last 25 years. Our consultants strive to ensure that such policies are authoritative, unambiguous and easily understood so that there can be no doubt on what the organisation’s arrangements are in the event of a fire.
  • Incident investigation
    • Our fire consultants are all professionals and skilled in dealing with such incidents. We aim to establish the facts and underlying causes and provide where necessary advice information and training to help reduce the chance of a repetition.
  • Fire Risk Assessments
    • As from October 2006 the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect. Under the order the Responsible Person must carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment and based on that assessment take appropriate action to minimise risk. Where 5 or more persons are employed the risk assessment must be in writing.

  • Fire Safety Audits and Inspections
    • We will systematically and critically examine your workplace and your activities to determine the risk of fire to you staff, visitors and buildings. A report identifying significant fire hazards and risks will be produced with a prioritised action plan for removing or reducing these risks as much as is possible.