Health Tips (part 3): Exercise and Asthma

Exercise and Asthma

We all know that some exercise is good for us. If we are overweight, exercise and a balanced diet helps to reduce weight. Research has shown that an average of 20% more weight is lost if there is a combination of both rather than just diet alone.[1]

Some people who have asthma are wary of doing exercise in case it exacerbates their condition. Light activity is better than none, but as someone who is asthmatic themselves there is always that fear that you will become so breathless that you can’t control your breathing. Remember your GP and Practice Nurse are there to advice you, so make an appointment with one of them to discuss your concerns. It is also very important to have your inhaler with you at all times and to pace yourself. Forget the saying made famous by Jane Fonda in 1982 “No pain no gain” [2] A way to start exercise, especially if you haven’t done any for a while, is to start slowly. Asthma UK suggests the following [1]:


  • When you can, take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Leave the car at home and walk instead
  • If taking a bus, get off a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way
  • Walk the dog

If Asthma is well managed and the person feels confident, there is nothing to stop them from doing exercises such as swimming, walking, aerobics, yoga and golf.

My next blog will look at exercise induced asthma

See you soon!

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2 Wikipedia

Wendy Attew, Senior Moving and Handling Consultant

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