Mind Your Christmas Backs

We may have just entered November, but Christmas is just around the corner!

Restaurants are encouraging people to book Christmas parties or Christmas lunch at their establishments. Shops are awash with gift ideas, Christmas cards, baubles, tinsel and snow (artificial now). Meteorologists are telling us that this winter is going to be bad, with snow expected this month and snow on the cards for Christmas day. *

Are you looking forward to the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping?  Christmas songs blaring out on repeat, people pushing and shoving you; jumping queues to make a payment, shops with their heating on maximum making you wish you hadn’t worn that extra layer of clothing, queues for the toilets, shops selling out of the “most wanted gifts” and if you are lucky with your purchases, you now must carry them home!

Stress, achy limbs, sores toes, headache. Does this sound familiar?

Why put yourself through this when you can order on line in the comfort of your own home.

Think Salveo Online Department Store, we can make your Christmas sparkle.


*Source: Express Nathan Rao September 2018

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