Pulling, Pushing, Lifting – three ways to hurt yourself!

If your company runs a warehouse, chances are that the operations that happen in this area are key to your business. In many cases, these operations will involve moving and handling ie lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling. All these activities pose a risk in a warehouse.

Here are a few risks you need to be aware of:

Poor Visibility: When staff move bulky loads in the warehouse, it is important that their visibility is not impaired by the size of the load. Otherwise serious injuries can result from tripping, slipping, or falling.

Stairs: It is not unusual to have a mezzanine floor in a warehouse. This may require staff to move loads up and down stairs. Stairs pose unique hazards with manual handling as staff sometimes need to focus on navigating the stairs as well as supporting the load without the benefit of being able to hold on to rails.

Object at Height: The very nature of a warehouse means that certain objects are stored above shoulder height. This means staff may need to climb safety steps and platforms to reach loads. If the area is untidy, staff may be forced to attempt reaching for loads and holding these away from the body. This combination of supporting a load at height and holding it away from the body is known to carry the risk of back injury and falls from heights.

Work Flow: Warehouses are often busy work areas sometimes with narrow aisles. These aisles are shared by staff and handling equipment. It is important that you have a system for managing the use of machinery in the warehouse to avoid equipment like roll cages and fork lifts hitting people.

Injuries resulting from poor practice often result in a Muscular Skeletal Disorder (MSD). MSD’s cover any injury, damage or disorder of the joints or other tissues in the upper/lower limbs or the back.

                                                        MSD’s account for more than a third of all work-related illnesses reported to the enforcing authorities each year.

To avoid staff injuries and possible litigation contact us at Salveo Safety to see how we can help you to “Be Safe” in the moving and handling operations in your warehouse.

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