The Bag Monster or The Monster Bag

A practical piece of kit a child tends to need for returning to school is a rucksack to carry their newly bought pencil case and pens, their books, lunch etc. Unfortunately, bigger rucksacks are normally bought “just in case” leading to children looking like rucksacks with legs or “bag monsters”. Having the wrong size rucksack, […]

Health Tips (Part 1): Asthma

Asthma is a common, long term condition.  People with asthma have very sensitive airways; if they breath in something that irritates these airways, they become inflamed and tighten. The following are some triggers that may lead to an attack (there are many more): Viral Infections                  Exercise Pollen  Animals    […]

The Boiling Frog – Which one are you?

Have you ever heard of the boiling frog? This is a myth from the 19thcentury that says if you place a frog (1) in a pan of boiling water it will jump out of the pan straight away, but if you put a frog (2) in a pan of cold water and bring the pan […]

She’s not heavy she could have been your mother!

When I started my nurse training back in 1981, manually moving patients was a normal part of my working day. We used techniques such as The Australian Lift, Top and Tail Lift and the Drag lift. These techniques are now known as Controversial Techniques and should not be used. When Moving and Handling equipment began […]

Unsafe? Surely Not! But it really is!

Activities that involve lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and other related manoeuvres are an inevitable part of our daily lives; whether it be at work or even at home.  Mechanical aids can be used to replace our human effort but we find that sometimes we may still need to use our own strength. However, if not […]

Tissue Viability and Moving and Handling

During my next couple of blogs I would like to look at tissue viability and moving and handling of people.   How they work can work together and what happens if they don’t. Before we can do this we need to look at what they are individually. (I will refer to people being cared for […]

One Thing You Must Know About Risk in an Ailing Economy

What you are about to read may upset what you have always accepted as the truth, without asking questions.   If you have a job in risk management, you would have heard the phrase ‘reasonable practicable’. This is the term that risk professionals use to describe the need to balance the resources (time, money and […]