Top Tips for Manual Handling

Manual Handling – Top Tips I have now been a Manual Handling Consultant for 7 years working in the Health & Care Industry; training Nurses, Health Care Assistants & Therapists on safer Patient Handling.  Also training Council staff on Inanimate Load Handling and find that there are still some gaps in employee training. In this […]

The Bag Monster or The Monster Bag

A practical piece of kit a child tends to need for returning to school is a rucksack to carry their newly bought pencil case and pens, their books, lunch etc. Unfortunately, bigger rucksacks are normally bought “just in case” leading to children looking like rucksacks with legs or “bag monsters”. Having the wrong size rucksack, […]

Health Tips (part 3): Exercise and Asthma

Exercise and Asthma We all know that some exercise is good for us. If we are overweight, exercise and a balanced diet helps to reduce weight. Research has shown that an average of 20% more weight is lost if there is a combination of both rather than just diet alone.[1] Some people who have asthma […]

Health Tips (Part 2): Obesity and Asthma

Obesity describes someone who is overweight. Obesity is becoming very common in the UK; and it is estimated that 1 in every 4 adults and 1 in every 5 children between the ages of 10-11 will be affected. {1} Being over weight can lead to serious and sometimes life- threatening illness such as stroke, type […]

Health Tips (Part 1): Asthma

Asthma is a common, long term condition.  People with asthma have very sensitive airways; if they breath in something that irritates these airways, they become inflamed and tighten. The following are some triggers that may lead to an attack (there are many more): Viral Infections                  Exercise Pollen  Animals    […]

Trainer Stress

Having been a nurse for many, many years, I have met people from all walks of life and during this time I have had to deal with all sorts of problems. Although this has helped me with my job as a Senior Moving and Handling Consultant I still have what I call my bugbears. These […]

Christmas Is Coming!

Oh, how I love the Christmas period. If you were to ask anyone who knows me, they may say I’m slightly obsessed! I’m the equivalent of a Bridezilla when it comes to Christmas preparation. There will be some of you out there who will understand where I am coming from and some of you will […]

Mind Your Christmas Backs

We may have just entered November, but Christmas is just around the corner! Restaurants are encouraging people to book Christmas parties or Christmas lunch at their establishments. Shops are awash with gift ideas, Christmas cards, baubles, tinsel and snow (artificial now). Meteorologists are telling us that this winter is going to be bad, with snow […]

Can Men Carry Heavier Loads Than Women

As a Manual Handling Consultant, I often go by the HSC guidelines when advising delegates on safe handling of loads – whether from table or off the floor etc. So, who’s stronger – men or women?  Without giving it any thought “Men are physically stronger” is often the automatic answer although this may be true […]

A Tail Worth Telling!

The Coccyx or Tailbone is a small triangular bone that consists of four fused vertebrae that lies at the bottom of the spine and is curved like a hawk’s beak. The coccyx is an attachment site for muscles, ligaments and nerves. When sitting the coccyx supports and stabilises the human body. Coccydynia or tailbone pain […]