What are your thoughts about Moving and Handling Training?

At Salveo Safety we run a variety of Moving and Handling Courses ranging from Moving and Handling of Loads, Moving and Handling of People, Moving and Handling for Therapists to name but a few.  We are also able to run Bespoke Courses to suit our Clients individual needs. (All courses can be seen on our Salveo Safety Website)

Have you attended Moving and Handling Courses during your own careers? What are your thoughts about what was taught during these courses, would you have liked the course content to have been different, did you come away form the session feeling you had learnt something, it was beneficial to your needs and was a good use of your time?

It would be great to have feedback on your experiences not necessarily with us but with any provider.  Our aim is to always to improve our offering and we can only do this with your constructive comments and observations.

So, if you get a moment please drop us a few lines.

Thank you on behalf of the Salveo Moving and Handling Team


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